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& History 01.

Good history is good story-telling. And good story-telling demands empathy; it requires understanding different actors, differing motivations, competing goals.

& Mission 02.

My goal and mission is to be very strong in avoiding back steps. I leave judgments, evaluations and analysis to the media, then to the observers.

& Success 03.

My view is that targets, properly constructed and applied across public services have been fundamental to past successes and will be an essential part of sustaining progress into the future.

About Us

Money and prices and markets don't give us exact information about how much our suburbs, freeways, and spandex cost. Instead, everything else is giving us accurate information: our beleaguered air and watersheds, our overworked soils, our decimated inner cities. All of these provide information our prices should be giving us but do not.

There are good reasons why we don't want everyone to learn nuclear physics, medicine or how financial markets work. Our entire modern project has been about delegating power over us to skilled people who want to do the work and be rewarded accordingly.

Our Features

Customer focus

The function of a business is customer-centred. It makes an attempt to study the customer needs, and goods are produced accordingly.

Customer satisfaction

A customer expects some services or benefits from the product for which payment is made. If this benefit is more than the amount paid, then the customer is satisfied.


All activities are objective-oriented. Different objectives are fixed at different levels, but the main objective is to earn profit from business along with the satisfac­tion of human wants.

Bonanza Achiever

Why you will Choose jaiho.asia

jaiho.asia as a discipline involves all the actions a company undertakes to draw in customers and maintain relationships with them. Networking with potential or past clients is part of the work too, and may include writing thank you emails, playing golf with prospective clients, returning calls and emails quickly, and meeting with clients for coffee or a meal.

  • is both art and science
  • Continuous and regular activity
  • Exchange process